About planning our trip to New Zealand

Do you have a dream you don’t hope for but really don’t believe will be a reality?

When my wife died in 2019 a dream seemed suddenly gone. A lot of dreams did in fact, but especially one stands out.

We have always talked about taking time out for an extended stay in New Zealand. With kids in school, jobs, and responsibilities it never seemed serious.

When you are confronted with life’s harsh realities as I was, and you realize we don’t all live forever, dreams seem more important.

If not now, when?

So I thought we might as well just do it. The decision is made. The boys and I are going to New Zealand to hike and see the country from a caravan.

We are going tramping.

But a lot of research is needed before we go. So I thought I’ll document what I find along the way. We are also going to document the whole trip when we finally go. Hopefully you’ll find answers and be inspired along the way.

This is of course not our first time in a campervan. We have fx traveled around our home country Denmark last summer (where everything was closed down anyway). And I documented a lot of it on my Instagram.

Come and say hi, and tell me: What is your dream? Where are you going?

Come and say hi!

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Søren Drimer Pejstrup