11 awesome blogs on traveling New Zealand you’d love to read

Are you planning to go camping in New Zealand as I am? Have you been thinking about the impact a camping holiday or trip in New Zealand could bring to your life? Campervanning to New Zealand can be enjoyable – I hope, and at the same time, it can be an eye-opener to very many people. I remember the first time I went to New Zealand; I came back as a changed person in many different ways.

The trip can be very long, and often many people fall asleep rather than watching the beauty of nature on the roads to New Zealand. The funniest thing is that I can remember everything that I saw on my way to and back from New Zealand and also when I was camping with my family. This is because all I saw has been locked in my brain as souvenirs. I always love sharing with people who want to know more about camping and campervanning in New Zealand.

This is my way of explaining my experience in New Zealand, but some other campers and travelers do it in the form of blogs. This is to make sure that the people who are visiting New Zealand have an understanding of the things that they should expect and what not to expect. The blogs are also helpful for people who do not know how to make the best out of their time.

Please read one campervanning New Zealand blog or several rather than sleep all through your trip. When you are in your campervan, there are so many activities that you can engage in. Reading a campervan New Zealand blog is one of the things that you can do. However, you have to be very keen for you to find it interesting when you are selecting your campervan New Zealand blog.

There are so many awesome blogs on traveling to New Zealand that you can read and learn more before experiencing the real deal. The following are 11 awesome blogs on traveling in New Zealand that I love to read and why I love them.


1. The Global Couple

the global couple travel blog

The Global Couple is a campervan new Zealand blog by Petra. The blogger was born in New Zealand, which she describes as an amazing country. She also spent many years exploring her country by car, on foot, and also campervan. One of the things that she likes about the country is because it is a small one. Therefore, this makes it a great country for anyone who loves embracing amazing landscapes and exploring the outdoors.

There are so many reasons why I love reading this blog when I am campervanning in New Zealand. Luckily, I will tell you all my reasons. First, the blogger describes the amazing landscapes that one should expect to see when exploring this amazing country. It creates a picture in mind, and therefore I always want to explore all the landscapes to find out whether she is telling the truth.

Secondly, she describes her camping experience in the camping spots found in New Zealand. By reading the Global Couple blog, I was able to select some of my favorite camping spots where my family and I spent our summer last year. As a woman, a mother, and a wife, I selected the best places to cook dinner with my husband for our family—some of the places we enjoyed cooking from include besides the beaches and sublime lakes.

Link: theglobalcouple.com


2. Divergent Travelers

Divergent Travelers: Adventure Travel Blog

This blog is written by a woman named Lina. She explains how New Zealand stole their hearts and why they allowed this “thief” to steal their hearts. In fact, she says that if she is asked what her favorite country is, she does not hesitate to mention New Zealand in the top five.

Lina explains how they spent their five weeks traveling on the islands in the Northern and Southern parts of New Zealand. She regrets that the time was not enough for them since they had not had enough fun in the country.

Divergent Travelers is among the campervan New Zealand blogs that I read to help me understand how amazing the Islands can be enjoyable. It also outlines some of the important adventures that one can undertake when on the Islands.

Link: divergenttravelers.com


3. You Could Travel

You Could Travel: Soft Adventure Couples Travel Blog

Cory is the writer for this blog. He loves New Zealand so much. He says in his blog that he can never hesitate to recommend it to anyone who loves traveling. He describes New Zealand as an incredible, pristine, and clean country. He spent a month driving around the Southern Island and fell in love with the beautiful, well-organized, and safe country.

I love reading the book since it highlights several roads trips tips and tricks for people who love road trips and driving. Also, it has so much information on photographing and how to capture the best photographs of the landscape and the amazing sceneries.

I also have an interest in the blog since it has different stories about this country’s topography. You can also learn about the snowy mountains, golden beaches, and icy glaciers by reading it. It gives me the reason to believe that there is no natural paradise greater than New Zealand. Just like the name suggests, when I read the blog, I also believe that I can travel.

Link: youcouldtravel.com


4. The Sweet Wanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust Blog

Brittany had known nothing before she moved to New Zealand. She books her flight to Queenstown, thinking that she could spend some months in the Adventure Capital of the World and then move to the North before winter. She was introduced to bungee jumps, snowboarding, luging, and riding on the TSS Earns law. Fortunately or unfortunately, she found herself going against her plans.

She explains all the activities that she was engaging herself in, and she made me give them a try when I went to New Zealand in early 2019. I love the blog for so many reasons. For instance, if you are not aware of how you will be spending your long vacation in New Zealand, reading the blog gives you many answers.

Secondly, the blog gives me the reason why it should love New Zealand, a land of Kiwi people and Kiwi birds.

Link: thesweetwanderlust.com


5. The Snow Chasers

The Snow Chasers New Zealand Travel Blog

I love snowboarding like Jen. I’m not very good at it though. There are so many snowboarding spots globally, but New Zealand is the best of them all. This is what Jen says in her blog, The Snow Chasers. If you are not a fan of snowboarding, you may not see the reason for reading this blog, but it is resourceful.

When you read the blog, it becomes easier for you to perceive that you will be having a good time in this country as this blogger had. She talks about the epic ski resorts that you can visit for skiing in Queensland. She also explains several activities that people around this place engage in, including hiking, technical terrain, and enjoying different cuisines.

I have enjoyed reading the book over and over again to come up with the best skiing and snowboarding spots where I will take my kids in several years to come. Also, I love reading it to find out the pubs and bars I could spend my evening in when I am in the company of my greatest friends.

Link: thesnowchasers.com


6. Destinationless Travel

Destinationless Travel Vanlife Blog

This is a blog by the young couple Dan and Bailey. They are lovers of the outdoors and adventures, which describes New Zealand. If you do not have a destination in mind to visit in New Zealand, you should probably read this campervan New Zealand blog.

I personally love reading it when campervanning since it helps me foreshadow the fun and amazing activities to engage in. Some of the activities to engage in that are discussed in this blog include watching the sunset, partying, snowboarding, swimming, hiking. The blog prepares you for the fun moments you are about to spend in New Zealand.

Link: destinationlesstravel.com


7. Traveling Honey Bird

Traveling Honey Bird

Most of the time, people tend to think that they cannot get to lovely destinations, but they are so many. In the South Island of New Zealand, as Jean explains in her blog, there is a serene beauty of winter in this place. It offers you the best adventures and moments to spend your birthday.

Most people visit New Zealand during winter for snow and post snow activities and sports, but this is not the real deal. Road tripping is the real deal during winter. You can take your morning coffee from your campervan as you continue traveling all over this country.

I love the blog since it has taught me more than snow sports during winters. I now have another activity to engage in when I am in New Zealand. Apart from snowboarding, I also take part in road trips and love tasting different cuisines in every café I come across during my winter road trips.

Link: travelinghoneybird.com


8. Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped - The Campervan New Zealand Blog

Hannah, a campervan New Zealand blog writer, writes Getting Stamped after traveling to 65 countries. However, she had no experience she could compare to that she experienced in New Zealand. She loved campervanning, and she traveled the entirety of the South Island and took as many photographs as she could.

Although she did not have enough time, she spent her two weeks enjoying the beauty of nature and exploring this great country. I love reading this blog since it reminds me of the first time I was campervanning in New Zealand. I had so many expectations since I had heard from travelers how amazing this place is. I truly confirmed that it is the epitome of beauty and had an amazing time.

By reading this blog, we selected some of the most amazing activities that couples could engage in. Some of our best picks include hiking, skiing, kayaking, skydiving, and bungee jumping. We always make sure that we spend some quality time with the kids in this country, especially when we are having our family holiday. We never get bored, and trust me when I tell you this.

Links: gettingstamped.com


9. Phenomenal Globe

Phenomenal Globe

If you have never been to New Zealand, this is obviously the most awesome blog you should read when you are in your campervan. Lotte, the blogger, says that this is the most amazing country she has been to. As you read the blog when campervanning, you may think that you are dreaming because of the vivid descriptions she gives in her blog.

I love reading this blog since it reminds me why New Zealand is the best travel destination for my family and me. The amazing sea, forests, beaches, hills, waterfall, cliffs, mountains, lakes, and volcanoes are what make us love this country. With her descriptions, we get another reason to be in New Zealand.

I also love reading the blog since it helps me understand the people in this country and their way of life. It always prepares me for how to behave when I am around the citizens and talk to them. The blog also helps me to identify more campsites and coffee shops to add to my list.

Link: phenomenalglobe.com


10. Tiki Touring Kiwi

 Tiki Touring Kiwi | The Guide To Your New Zealand Trip

Jub grew up in New Zealand before leaving this place to explore other places some years back. Job tells us in his blog how he enjoyed the friendly nature of the Kiwis, even to the strangers. This blog also helps me to understand why the Kiwis always say hello whenever you walk past them. After I read the blog, I developed the habit of saying hello to people around me since it is one of the polite and kind ways we should learn.

Link: tikitouringkiwi.com


11. Travel Freak

Travel Freak com website

When you are traveling to a new place, it is very natural for you to develop some fear. At times you may think that you are a travel freak in a way. However, in his blog, Travel Freak, Jeremy wants you to know that New Zealand is not a place to worry about.

It is full of stunning landscapes, delicious wine, amazing food, and amicable people. Jeremy has enough experience after spending 15 months working, living, and traveling in New Zealand.

I love reading this blog since it helps me learn how to select the best luxury hotels and party destinations in New Zealand. This is one of the things that I have had a hard time doing in the past. Thanks to Jeremy’s blog, things are easier for me. I happened to spend one of my holidays in a luxury hotel Jeremy talks about in the blog, and I enjoyed myself so much.

Link: travelfreak.com


In case you have been wondering about what to read when campervanning, the mentioned blogs are amazing. Travelers write them, and therefore everything you read is a reality, and you can prove that when you get to your dream destination in New Zealand.

And now over to you! Which blogs do you read? Anyone from this list? Let us know if you have insights in the comment section.