How do I keep dirt or mud out of my camper?

Whenever you are camping, you have to know that your camper is like your home since everything you require is there. Starting from the kitchen, dining, bedroom and even the living room is usually in your camper. For this treason, you have to make sure that you keep your camper very clean. Most of the time, especially when you are camping during the rainy season, it may be challenging for you to keep your camper as clean as you would want it to be.

Most people think that keeping the camper clean is very easy, but it is not. You have to make sure that you work very hard to keep dirt or mud out of your camper. In case you are camping with your kids keeping dirt or mud out of your camper may be very hard and therefore, you will have to keep on cleaning it to keep it clean. However, there are several things that you can do so that you can keep your camper clean. The following are some of the ways of keeping dirt and mud out of your camper.


Make sure that you introduce and keep a no-shoe rule

Most of the dirt and mud you find in your camper are brought by people without knowing since they are always stuck on their shoe soles. For this reason, when people are outdoor, their shoes will get muddy or dusty, and if they get into the camper wearing them, you leave mud and dust on the camper’s floors. For this reason, you have to set out some new rules so that no one gets into the camper with shoes.

If you keep hiking books, rubbers or any other type of shoes that you have been wearing when taking part in different outdoor activities, you will be able to keep your camper clean. This is because there is no chance of anyone bringing mud or dirt into the camper with shoes. Since your shoes cannot stay outside especially when it is raining, you must make sure that your camper has vestibules so that you can store your dirty and muddy shoes so that they do not get soaked and at the same time you will keep your camper clean out of mud and dirt.

When it comes to this rule that you impose, you have to make sure that you are an excellent example to the people you share the camper with. This is because you cannot tell others to remove their shoes while entering the camper when you are wearing your shoes. For this reason, as you impose this rule, you should be ready to ensure that you never forget to remove your shoes or even ignore doing it since the others will look at what you are doing and will do the same. Therefore, you will not be able to keep dirt or mud out of your camper.


Ensure that you keep wet gears outside

Many people do not know that wet gears bring dirt and sand in the camper. Perhaps you have thought that because your gear is soaked in water, it cannot get any dirt in your camper, which is why you never leave your wet gear outside. The problem is you will always be asking people how I keep dirt out of my camper when you need to keep you wet gear outside.

The reason why you should keep wet gear outside is the fact that when they dry, the dust and mud on them will begin falling off. This makes your camper so messy, but you may never know where the mud or dirt came from. However, when you keep your wet gear outside, there will be no dirt or mud falling off from them, which keeps your campers clean all the time.

When the wet gear gets dry, it is essential that you clean them before you bring them back to the camper since the dust in them will still fall off. However, if you have your laundry basket with you, you can consider storing these dry gear in them before you clean them.

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Place a welcome mat at the entry of the camper

When most people hear of a welcome mat, they think it is the actual welcome mat but do not worry. You do not have to bring your welcome mat for camping, but instead, you can buy a mat or even place any cloth on your camper’s entrance. This is the simplest and easiest solution that you should use to keep dirt or mud out of your camper.

When you have a cloth or mat on the camper’s entrance, it will trap all the dirt or mud on your socks or even your gear before entering the camper. This way, you will be able to keep your camper dirt and mud free without too much struggle. Also, if you have some money to spend before you go shopping before camping, you can buy a camping mat which you can use for the same reasons.

It is also advisable that you keep changing or cleaning the mat outside your camper’s entrance now and then. This is to ensure that all the dirt and mud that the mat has trapped do not stick on your socks or shoes when you are trying to wipe yourself before you get into the camper. Only a clean mat will help you keep dirt and mud out of your camper.


Avoid bringing your backpacks inside the camper

Most campers think that they should keep their backpacks inside the campers so that the bags do not get wet if it rained. Many people do not know that the backpacks are always covered with so much dirt and therefore, bringing them into the camper’s every time you are outdoors for some activities means getting dirt into the camper.

Instead of bringing your backpacks in the campers with you, you should always leave them outside and use a pack cover or pack liner to prevent them from getting soaked with water if it rains. In case your backpacks are wet and bring them into the camper, you will be making things worse since dirt will fall off when they dry which they do very fast. This leaves your camper very dirty.


Sweep out the dirt and mud from the camper

Dirt is very notorious when it comes to getting trapped in the camper. Therefore, you may be taking all the time to clean your camper and leave your wet gear and shoes outside, but there will still be some dirt in the camper. To make sure that you keep the dirt out of your camper, you have to make sure that you sweep out all the dirt trapped in your camper to keep it clean.


Create a station for rinsing

This may sound awkward, but it helps so much if you wonder how you can keep mud or dirt out of your camper. The rinse station should be created outside the camper door so that everyone getting into your camper gets to wash off their feet before they enter the camper. There are so many ideas that you can apply when you are making a rinse station. For instance, you can use flat but rectangular storage containers where people will be dipping their feet and washing them to remove any dirt or mud before entering the camper.

When these rinse stations are not in use, you could consider using them to store your belongings. Also, ensure that there is a folding towel rack with some towels just next to the rinse station so that people can dry off their feet after washing them off. You have to ensure that you change the water in the rinsing station when you realize it is dirty. This is to make sure that no one dips their feet in dirty and muddy water.


Carry with you a brush, dustpan, and mopes

I have met so many people asking how they can keep dirt and mud out of their campers, but they lack these three things that are very important when you are camping. This means that you may be asking how to keep the mud out of your camper, but you do not think of what you should do. Therefore, you have to make sure that you prepare yourself adequately before you start your camp to pack all these essential tools that will help you keep your camper clean. With the brush and dustpan, you will sweep off all the dirt in the camper while the mopper enables you to mop all the dust or mud in the camper.

When I was a beginner in camping, I always had a tough time keeping my camper clean during the rainy and sunny seasons. Every time I would sit back, and these two questions were still on my mind, “How do I keep dirt out of my camper? How do I keep the mud out of my camper?” However, when I learned the above tips of keeping dirt and mud out of a camper, I had an easier time.

In case you encounter the same problem when you are camping, you should know that we have also been there, but today our campers are always clean. Therefore, you should make sure that you learn all the tips discussed in this article and make use of them to keep dirt and mud out of your camper.

You will love it.