The Basics of How You Secure Things in A Camper (plus recommended tools)

As I’m preparing for my trip to New Zealand, I’m looking for some tips and tools on how to secure my things in a camper. If so, then you’re definitely at the right place! In this article, I have jotted down some of the tips as well as tools to secure certain things in a camper.

When it comes to securing things in a campervan, it becomes a quite challenging task as I understand it. But you don’t need to worry, because I’m sharing what I learned to make it easy for you! So, here are some of the tips that you can follow to secure things in your camper.


Tip #1: Feel free to use screws and nails

What most people fear is, making use of screws and nails in their campervan. But know that you can freely use screws as well as nails to secure things in it. Nails are used to placing the hanging from the wall. Screws and nails are the most effective tools that one can use to place a wall hanging artwork message boards organizers anything else.

Make sure to use the shortest nails and screws because a camper wall is different from your regular house. That is why a shorter length screw would work fine in it.


Tip #2: Make use of velcro strips

Just in case, you don’t want to drill a hole into the walls then velcro strips would work just fine. You can use velcro strips when the hanging that you want to hang on the wall is light in weight just like a lighter frame or a canvas painting. The only shortcoming of velcro straps is that it might leave some residue on the wall even after you take them out.


Tip #3: Try using 3M command strip

3M command hooks and strips are most famous for hanging items in campervans. You can use them just like you use velcro strips. The advantage of these command strips is that they are quite easy to remove and they do not leave any residue like velcro strips. Also, there is a limit to the weight which is written on the packaging so you can know how much they can handle.


Tip #4: Make use of hooks for hanging certain items

Hooks are the best way to hang and secure certain things on the wall. You can place them on the walls easily and they don’t leave any residue on the walls.


Tip #5: Double up for the heavy wall hangings

Don’t feel shy to use more than one of these wall hanging products at a time, most especially. If you wish to hang a heavy object. You can make use of anything like velcro strips, screws, hooks, etc. to secure a heavy object on the wall.

Moreover, the kitchen is the most significant area to secure certain things because there are a lot of spillable and breakable items in that.


Tip #6: Clear the counters

Certain things can stay on the counter but there are certainly tall, heavy and items of glass that need to be secured. If you don’t have the required space inside your drawer or cabinet for certain items, then you can mount them on the countertop.


Tip #7: Make use of plastic containers in place of glass ones

There is one simple tip that is to make use of plastic containers instead of using glass containers. The reason behind this is because when a plastic container treasures down on the floor it doesn’t break. on the other hand, when a glass container falls on the floor it breaks into pieces.

Therefore plastic containers are preferred in a campervan because they are low maintenance.


Tip #8: Buy a magnetic knife holder

The next thing that you can do is buy a magnetic knife holder to keep all the knives. It is vertical smart storage that is embedded with magnets. It keeps all the knives in a place and you don’t even need to worry about them falling while traveling.


Tip #9: Check the latches on drawers and cabinets

Ensure that latches on the cabinet and draw are not loose. In case you find them loose then and the handles a little and then tighten the screw. This will save you from the big mess!


Tip #10: Bungee cords are companion

Bungee cords are available in the market in all sizes and shapes so so it’s an advantage to you. Purchase a package full of screws and hooks then attach them to a stable object, like the insides of the cabinet.

After that connect all the items with a bungee cord. They are not just limited to be used in the kitchens but also you can use them in any area.


Tip #11: Line the shelves with anti-slip mats

This is suggested in the kitchen closets and bathroom. Non-slip covers keep commodities from ousting over when the RV prevails in movement. It doesn’t protect them like an underpinning putty, but in a closet, with different items enclosing them, it will underrate their movement.


Tip #12: Store pantry articles inside plastic containers

Storage boxes also lessen the motion of pantry articles inside the closets. If anything does tumble over, the trash will be much simpler to straighten up inside of one plastic basket or box.


Tip #13: Don’t forget the refrigerator

Many assume that the RV refrigerator holds food articles secure during conveyance, but that is not always like that. On opening up the refrigerator upon parking the RV and had stuff falling out on. Restrainer railings can be bought to hold food articles in place. RVers verge to be like the Camco brand.

Packing the refrigerator tightly to and utilizing door hold for taller articles can also enable motion while in conveyance. If there is any issue with the refrigerator door itself arriving open while running down the street, you can put in a padlock on the external holds to maintain the doors shut until you have stopped.

Many of the commodities already discussed for cabinet space and walls as well will be beneficial for maintaining articles in the bedroom.

If you want to know more about campervan fridges you can read my article about them here…


Tip #14: Organize the closet space

The more defined the closet space can be made, the more the shoes, clothes, and other articles will remain in their domain. Use plastic boxes inside the closets for clothing, linens, and desk/office supplies. Outfits on hooks usually remain in position while moving too.


Tip #15: Store footwear over the door

Dangling over-the-door footwear bags help greatly for hoarding shoes and many more!

This kind of storage is comfortable while touring since the pouches remain at the place on the opening. The command hooks can also be used to dangle shoes and auxiliary pouches on sides in the room as well.


Tip #16: Consider mounting beside items

If one has lighter commodities on the nightstand that one doesn’t want to keep away every moment then move the RV, consider utilizing an underpinning putty to conserve them out. Many utilize storage boxes for magazines, books, remotes, etc. that they need right away to their mattress. Look for kinds where one can fix these boxes on the side of the nightstand or bed to place them securely in the rea.


Tip #17: Pack the medicine closet tightly

In extension to lining the medicine closet with non-slip grip mats, it is suggested to pack the medicine closet tightly. Any additional vacuum that is not loaded in is space for the bathroom commodities to stumble over. One recommendation is to roll out tinier towels to cover up those gaps.


Tip #18: Be creative with the shower space

In extension to your bath commodities that generally dwell in the shower (soap, razor, shampoo, etc.) assess using the shower space to include other commodities that may roll around when the RV is in action. Many families put the laundry bucket inside the shower on journey days. The shower has a clamp on the exterior so that one knows whatever he/she put in it is not running anywhere. Supposing outside the box can oversee some efficient purposes of space.


Now, what about certain tools that can be used in a campervan?

Some tools that come in the news while securing things in a campervan are as follows:


Mounting putty

Mounting putty is used to hold down almost everything from bobbleheads to planters. It is quite easy to apply and most importantly it doesn’t leave any maths behind. Moreover, it can be used again and again as long as it doesn’t get dirty.


Camping straps

To hold certain larger items such as iron pens, printers, or anything else we make use of camping straps. Leave any residue behind.


Tension rods

You generally make use of tension rods in the refrigerator, but do you know that you can use them everywhere. Yeah, that’s right!! You can use them in the cabinets, in office areas, storage bins, and many other places.



There are things that you wish to stick and unstick again and again. In all such cases, you can make use of velcro. Plus, the sound it produces is so satisfying and soothing…



We are here at the end of this article and we hope that you’re now aware of all the things that you needed to know.

To conclude, we hope that you got answer to your question “How do you secure things in a camper?”