Simple Ideas to Safely Store Dishware in a Camper

Are you a person who doesn’t like to eat or drink off plastic items while camping? If so, this article is for you. Mostly I don’t mind, but sometimes you need a little extra. Camper trailers have certain advantages over an RV. They are light and you can easily tow them anywhere, even off-road. But how do you pack dishes in a camper? – without them breaking of course.

When it is about experiencing the beauty of woods, every detail count. That way, it makes the day a special one. Using disposable and reusable items for food is good for the environment. But camping is something you don’t do often. And, when you find time for it, you have to make it a special occasion.


How to pack dishes in a camper

As you know, campers have relatively small space compared to RVs. So, it’s a bit challenging to pack your dishware safely. However, with some simple storage ideas, you can pack your delicate belongings hassle-free. It might amaze you how you can put the dishes safe in a compressed place.


Take what you need the most

This is where you need to evaluate certain things. Check the items on your list to find out what is necessary to keep in the camper. There are different kinds of dishware. Therefore, you have the pick up the right ones for your specific purpose.

Also, the number of dishwares depends on how many people are going on the trip. So, make the list according to the number of people. That way, it helps you to choose the items needed for the journey. Dishware and glassware are very fragile. But they give you the experience that plastic or paper items can’t.


Setting up barriers inside the camper

Open spaces in the camper might cause trouble. When there is a wide space, things tend to move here and there easily. As a result, delicate items can break during the transition. After packing the things that you need in camping, make sections for the delicate items.

You can do that by setting up barriers in the camper. This secures every item that might move and get displaced. If the items are fragile, they would break. Also, it’s a great way to access dishware and glassware. They remain safe throughout the trip. It is good to set up barriers.


Make good use of kitchen drawers

While camping, people tend to take many things with them. However, a kitchen sink is something that you can’t take anywhere. These days, you can find camper trailers with kitchenette. The presence of kitchen drawers makes the thing more interesting. The kitchen drawers are useful to store additional things.

These drawers are intended for storing items related to cooking and cleaning. Moreover, you can keep dry foods, utensils, condiments, and dishware as well. If your camper has a kitchenette, make sure to use the drawers efficiently.


Arrange sheets of rubber liner

Now that you have managed what items to take, create barriers to store them, and using the kitchen drawers. But there is a risk that the items might break by knocking on each other while the vehicle moves. So, what can you do to fix the issue?

All you need to do is arrange for some rubber liner sheets. You can get them from a nearby departmental store. These are quite handy and saves your dishware from rattling. The process is very simple. Cut pieces from the sheet that fits the size of your glasses and dishes.

Put them in the contact area where the two items meet. You can use the sheet according to your needs. That way, you can’t hear the rattling noises that utensils tend to create when they knock on each other. Also, it eliminates any chance of getting the dishware broken.

You can see how in this YoutTube video:


Still, rattling? Make use of silicone

Using silicone on the dishware so that it doesn’t slip or rattle, is nothing new. Very few people think of this idea. Silicone creates amazing non-rattle and non-slip grips on your dishes. So, the process is pretty simple.

Apply silicone in small amounts on the edges of dishware that might rattle and break. Ceramic and porcelain dishware are quite delicate. And, they break off easily. The benefits are many while applying silicone on the dishes.

Apart from rattling and breaking, it gets you a firm grip on the surface when you are eating on them. In short, it doesn’t slide easily. And, you can eat food while the vehicle is moving. Of all the safety tips, you can find effective results by apply silicone to the dishware.

I first learned this trick from Nikki from Gone With The Wynns. You can see it here:


Things to remember when you are using silicone on dishware

Silicone might be non-slip when dry. But it gets slippery when wet. When you wash the dishes, the silicone gets soapy and becomes slippery. Also, keep in your mind not to place the dishes close to the edge as they might slip and fall.

A tube of silicone can secure many dishwares. So, apply the right quantity to the types of dishes you are having in the camper. You can get two variants of silicone: a food-grade and all-purpose sealant. Both of these are safe if comes in contact with for. However, try not to make the food contact silicone.


Other alternatives you can have instead of dishware

While paper dishware might appear cheap and take away the excitement, there are a few alternatives you can try. Interlocking and wooden dishes are two variants that can give you the feeling of dishware. And, they are unbreakable, too.


Interlocking dishes

These aren’t just stackable. If your dishes are interlocking they will stay together instead of sliding when the camper is moving.

In general, interlocking dishes have two layers of material. A colorful coat on the outer part and a solid white color on the inside. Also, you can use the interlocking dishes as a single piece for different kinds of occasions. They are shatter-resistant and looks so cool.

For exsempel take a look at this beautiful Scandinavian design by Julie Damhus. It does have to be exactly these, but make note of the sides, that at made til lock together.

Interlocking Plates does slide around


Wooden dishes are a good alternative to dishware. They are hard and don’t break easily. However, the surface is quite different from the one you find on dishware. But it gives you a good feeling that you are amidst nature. Wooden plates are beautifully crafted from trees and they appeal to the eye, as well.

For example, take a look at these beautiful dishes from MadamStoltz.

Wooden plates in Nordic Design


And now, over to you. What did you find the most interesting? Wich one of these ideas are you going to use?