3 tips for ending a romantic relationship while traveling

When you decide to go around the world seeking adventure, it isn’t unusual to fall in love. At that moment, you are the most passionate and bravest at heart. You are open to meet new people and experience them. In short, you are curious and excited to explore what follows next. That’s how its been for me at least.

Sooner or later, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of like-minded people who have the urge to wander. And, the possibilities are quite higher in meeting a kindred soul. So, when you set yourself off to travel around the world, get ready to fall in love.

But sometimes you may not want to continue this beautiful trend of togetherness and break free. So, how to end a romantic relationship? Read on to find out 3 tips for ending a romantic relationship.


What are the challenges traveling can impose on a romantic relationship?

If you are thinking about breaking up from a romantic relationship, it is not as easy as it might appear. Despite the challenges, breaking up during traveling can be the best thing, sometimes.


Traveling is stressful

When you are having a relationship at home, you hardly get to see each other 24/7. There would be at least 40 hours of separation per week if you are working. Most couples work in that way. And, some of them even have extra-curricular activities, which divide the time.

But when you are traveling, you tend to be together most of the time. Even if you try, spending time alone is not possible. Now, add the stress of traveling and being in contact. So, are you going the right way? I don’t think so. That’s because there are many issues down the line.

  • How can we stay safe?
  • How can we book the cheapest flight?
  • What do we do after getting there?
  • I can’t find your passport!!

These are some examples, and there are many. Being a couple, these kinds of stress might be tricky. And, you may feel like it’s enough.


Traveling evolves a relationship

While traveling, you are building the concept that you are a couple. Your relationship begins to evolve. In a normal daily life routine, you get to interact with your spouse only at selected hours of a day. During that time, both of you fill each other with activities of the day.

In short, you don’t have time to evaluate whether or not you are a perfect couple. While you are traveling with your partner, the case is different. You tend to become more accustomed to the eccentricities. As a result, you begin to think that you are not a perfect couple.

And, it happens very quickly. A normal relationship that could have last for a few several years won’t last for that long on the road. Stressful moments and constant contact are the main reasons here. Sometimes, you need to show your true colors faster than you would have anticipated while traveling.


Staying together for a long time

Now, that’s the sad part as a result of the consequences from the aforementioned two factors. Both of you meet, have a wonderful time, and fall in love. You plan to travel around the world with the same dream and passion. Everything appears to go fine.

But you begin to identify communication issues, individual conflicts, and other compatibility issues while traveling with the person. That’s a process accelerated when you travel together. While you try your best to manage the situation, the constant stress of traveling won’t let you do so.

So, what do you do? You are halfway through your journey to travel the world. Also, you have paid for the trip. Therefore, you are committed to the situation both financially and emotionally. It means you are committed to the relationship, too.

But can you break up while you are traveling? I think you can. And, in some scenarios, you should break free.


3 tips for ending a romantic relationship

Ending a romantic relationship is quite difficult. While falling in love makes you feel good, current circumstances might be difficult to handle. Whenever you feel like getting trapped in an unhealthy relationship, it is better to let it go.


1. Talk to your partner

This one is the biggest tip you can ever get while you are thinking about ending a relationship. It is important to know that problems won’t disappear if you ignore them for some time. It might surprise you, but the exact thing happens.

Either thing gets very ugly until they explode, or become distanced that there is no way to return. The change will happen, but the objective is to get the best out of ourselves. Therefore, talk to each other and be brutally honest.

Acknowledge each other’s fault and discuss how you view the problem. Accept that things are a bit different than they were before rather in a negative way. Also, convey the fact that you are feeling a little confused and lost.

Realize that even though it might feel like it, the fault always goes both ways.


2. Engage yourself in work you like most

People make perfect decisions when they come up with specific intentions. So, the mantra for you is to keep yourself busy in some kind of activities that work best for you. Most importantly, you should come up with a plan.

That way, you can present yourself in front of your partner about ending the beautiful relationship. You’ll find that the urge of chasing the work gets more intense after your discus it with your partner. As a result, the tactic helps you in two ways. First, you can come out of a tricky situation, and second, you can carry on with your life as you’ve got a goal.


3. Practice forgiveness

Try to release all kinds of regret or guilt you may hover after ending the relationship. Keep in your mind that you need to forward in life. Without forgiveness, you remain in the same spot. So, forgive yourself for all the things that happened in the past.

Forgive your partner and let go of all kinds of resentments about the relationship you were having. Have empathy and compassion for your partner and accept the fact that humans are susceptible to mistakes. That way, you’ll have the courage to move forward.