Is nude hiking legal in New Zealand?

New Zealand is not the first country I had in mind when looking for a nude beach and hiking trail. Not that I’ve ever done it myself, but it sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

However, the miles of coastline and several secluded bays and beaches make it a fascinating and awesome place to be. With several clothing-optional beaches throughout the country, New Zealand will give you the break you deserve from demanding work schedules. I would advise you to visit the country if you want to get a golden tan. Here is everything you need to know about nude hiking in New Zealand.

June 21st is the unofficial Naked Hiking Day. Bear in mind that though this is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, it’s the shortest day in New Zealand and right during the winter. Therefore you might want to choose the New Zealand summer months December to February for your naturist urges.

It’s not illegal to be naked in public in many jurisdictions if your intent is simply to be unclothed rather than to incite or satisfy sexual arousal. However, there are culturally significant locations that might be sacred to local Māori tribes whom may find such behavior disrespectful. There are also laws against indecent or obscene exposure.


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Is nudity legal in New Zealand?

Nudity in New Zealand is legal. Although you will not get in trouble with the law for been nude, obscene, offensive, and disorderly behavior is not allowed. This means that it is best to avoid being nude in public since some people might take offense. The prosecution must prove your intention to offend if you are arrested for nakedness in the public.

Just to be sure, I’ve asked the Department of Conservation. They replayed:

There’s nothing in the Conservation Act or related documents regarding naked tramping. However, there are laws against indecent or obscene exposure. I suggest you contact the New Zealand police for further information on how and where those laws would be applied. It is also important to consider the cultural significance of locations which may be wāhi tapu (sacred) to iwi (the Māori tribe local to each area) and tangata whenua and may find such behavior disrespectful.

– via Communications Advisor, Department of Conservation, New Zealand


The good news is that New Zealand is known for several clothing-optional beaches. You can go on a hiking nude on such beaches without offending anyone. It would also be best to contact the local naturist society to discover beaches where you can hike naked.


What are the rules of naturist etiquette?

It is prudent to be mindful of others when nude hiking. Following the accepted code of ethics and naturist etiquette will allow you to have a good time while respecting others. Here is what you are supposed to do when nude hiking in New Zealand:

  • Avoid environmentally sensitive areas like the dunes.
  • Follow all parking regulations and rules.
  • Take a trash bag with you to leave the beach cleaner than you found it.
  • Never hike in clothed areas to avoid offending other users.
  • Avoid sexual activity while hiking.
  • Ask for permission before taking photos.
  • Do not intrude on other users.



The benefits of nude hiking

Now that I have taken you through the accepted code of ethics, allow me to explain the good of nude hiking.

  • Experience Nature

Nude hiking is the perfect opportunity to become one with nature. Removing everything that holds you back will allow you to connect with nature in ways you never imagined before. You will never forget this experience.


  • Get to Fall In Love With Your Body All Over Again

You will get to appreciate your body and nature when hiking naked. Nude hiking with other enthusiasts will prove to you that nature does not discriminate. You will also fall in love with your body all over again for having the strength to let you hike.


  • Nude Hiking is the Provides the Perfect Bonding Experience

A social nude hike will allow you and your loved ones to bond on a completely new level. Besides, you might end up making new friends or meeting your significant other during the nude hike. Maybe all you had to do all along is to strip away your clothes to make new friends.


  • Nude Hiking Will Allow You to Enjoy the Benefits of Sunshine

Unfortunately, a huge part of your body does not get touched by the light of the day. Stripping naked will allow the sun to touch every part of your skin to leave you rejuvenated. You will also enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin D.


  • Enjoy a Thrilling Delight

Nude hiking is the perfect opportunity for you to fulfill your wild fantasies. You will have the chance to transverse in the nude without offending others.


  • Nude Hiking Helps Your Skin Eliminate Toxins

Stripping naked will allow your body to get rid of toxins. Clothes might cover your pores making it hard to eliminate toxins. Hiking without clothes exposes your pores to allow the body to remove waste and sweat.


  • Going Naked Relieves Stress

Going naked might be what you need to get out of your demanding career and social life. You will have the chance to relax and relieve stress while traversing the world butt-naked.


  • Say Goodbye to Rashes and Irritations

Hiking with clothes is likely to leave you with rashes and irritations. This is something you will not have to deal with when you hike naked.


Nude hiking in New Zealand is legal. You will have the chance to connect with nature and escape from the demands of your everyday life. However, you will get in trouble with the law if you disregard others.

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