Is It True That New Zealand Has No Snakes?

New Zealand is a beautiful island country on the southwestern side of the Pacific Ocean. Wellington being its capital this island has only two main landmasses. The two main landmasses are the South Island and North Island. New Zealand is naturally beautiful and is a safe place for anybody to live in.

New Zealand has no snakes, and it illegal to have them as pets. Even the zoo in New Zealand doesn’t have snakes. The only 2 dangerous creatures are the rare Katipo Spider and Redback Spider.

As I’m bringing my kids I have thought about this question, is it true that New Zealand has no snakes? Laconically, the island country of New Zealand has absolutely no snakes. Not only snakes but it doesn’t even have any dangerous species of jellyfish or spiders. This land has no crawlies that can be dangerous to you.

The only 2 dangerous creatures you will find in this land are the rare Katipo Spider, Redback Spider found in few regions of New Zealand. Having a pet snake is also illegal in New Zealand. You will not even find snakes in zoos. Any species of snakes do not exist in New Zealand. New Zealand is an incredibly safe island with zero traces of snakes.


Why are there no snakes in New Zealand?

New Zealand is said to be one of the Snake free zones in the world. Shockingly, New Zealand has numerous species of lizards but absolutely no snakes. As a matter of fact, snakes have never even been native to this land. Also because snakes have never been a part of this land snakes can now be threatening to the other wildlife species that are native to New Zealand.

It often happens that few snakes flow into New Zealand through the water bodies and even through various means of trade which is normal. In these cases, the New Zealand residents need to report it to the authorities. The New Zealand authorities are extremely serious about eliminating each and every snake seen on the island. If there is a snake spotted the New Zealand authorities send their officials and specialist to eliminate them. These snakes are not always killed.

The specialist goes and examines the snake if the specialist feels that the snake is at high risk of breeding and multiplying they are then eradicated of the particular problem immediately. In case the serpent is examined to be of low risk by the specialist then the officials and specialist remove the snake from that area and hold them captive. Till the present date, there have only been 35 sightings of snakes since 1930. Sea snakes are still seen once in a blue moon before they are taken captive but the probability of seeing a land snake is even lower.


Are pet snakes allowed in New Zealand?

If you are among those people who are scared of snakes or feel they are pretty creepy then New Zealand is the place for you. The fact that New Zealand is snake free is because snakes are considered to be a prohibited creature. This means snakes cannot exist in that land. Snakes are illegal in New Zealand, you will never find a single trace of any snake in New Zealand.

Other than that it is absolutely illegal to even pet or own a snake in the country. If you are found associated with a snake or seen with it or seen petting it in any place of New Zealand you would be sent to prison. New Zealand is serious about its being a snake-free zone. Starting from the authorities to the residents, everybody in New Zealand works for hand in hand to eliminate any snake from the island.

If a snake comes to New Zealand through the water when it happens with the green ocean snakes, in that case, whoever notices it would be reporting it to the authorities. It is also said that if anybody in New Zealand sees a snake or becomes aware of it, they immediately have to report it to the New Zealand authorities as the presence of a snake on this island is illegal. The authorities then would be dealing with the snake and will make the island a no snake zone again.


Are there any dangerous animals in New Zealand?

This is sure that there is no existing snake in New Zealand and this is a very low almost invisible existence of scorpions and insects. This means there are only 2 dangerous animals in New Zealand. These 2 dangerous animals in New Zealand are 2 spiders, the rare Katipo Spider, and the Redback Spider. Although the Redback Spider is not native to New Zealand, they are indigenous to Australia but are still found in New Zealand and are dangerous.

The Katipo spiders are rare but dangerous. These spiders are generally found in the Northern side of New Zealand mainly on the beaches where there is a warmer temperature. These Katipo Spiders are also called the Night Stinger Spiders. An adult female Katipo Spider only bites and not the others. It is dangerous but there have been no cases of death from the bite of a Katipo Spider but is very painful.

These spiders just don’t go on biting you. These spiders are shy in nature and would bite if they are squashed or harmed in any way. Other than the Katipo Spider, the Redback Spider is found in a few places of Northern New Zealand and like dry and sheltered places. And is generally found in the North Island. They are small in size but bite if poked or touched.


New Zealand is considered a zero snake zone or snake-free zone on this planet after Antarctica, few places in Hawaii, and Greenland. Since the existence of humans, New Zealand has lost a lot of its native species of birds, animals, and even plants. This is mainly the loss of natural habitat generally because of the development process. So the existence of a predatory snake may become difficult for the existing species. Other than this New Zealand is an incredible place and is best if you do not like snakes or feel they are creepy.