11 Smart Ways To Get Your Shoes Organized In A Camper

Are you the one who lives in a camper or motorhome? Are you the one who owns a lot of shoes? Are you the one who travels a lot and owns a camper?

If you marked the answer to all these above questions is Yes! Then, my friend, this is the destination for your queries.

Living in a camper is cool and something out of the box, however people might lose their cool when the place becomes messy and small. Although, if it is well organized, the same place can become the experience of a lifetime.

Now, the question might be popping in your head why there is a need of organizing or carrying a lot of pairs of shoes.


Why arranging the shoes?

When you travel often or when you planned a long uncertain trip then carrying a different pair of shoes according to climatic conditions seems rational. Figuring out what to carry or whatnot can be a real challenge if your camper doesn’t have enough space. But how about when you make some space for your shoes by using your brain or some techniques. Isn’t it fun? It is indeed.

When you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite pairs of sneakers because of space issues.

Keeping all this in mind, we are going to provide the smartest guide for how to store shoes in a camper.


11 ways to organize your shoes in a camper

Here, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss the smartest and affordable ways to keep your sandals or sneakers out of your way.

  • Use Shoe Organiser – If you have a large collection of shoes then it is wise to use a shoe organizer. In that way, you can put rarely used shoes in an organizer. Then keep the organizer either under the bed or in one of the drawers.


  • Build A Shoe Rack – Now you must be wondering if building a shoe rack will consume time or space. But here we are talking about a DIY shoe rack that can be built easily. All you have to do is find a convenient place in your camper where you can put your shoes. It does not need to be fancy. One of the best DIY shoe racks is an inverted triangle-shaped bracket. The reason for calling it best is because it requires less space and effort. Pick any suitable bottom place in your RV and then install a bracket there. Isn’t it easy?


  • Adjustable Shower Rod – Another technique is to use a shower rod. The good thing about shower rods is they don’t consume much space and within a minute of installation you will notice adequate space in your camper. All you have to do is find a perfect spot to install rods and you’re good to go. Most people often complain about shoes get slipped from rods. The trick here is to tie shoelaces with rods. So that they won’t get slipped.


  • Make use of under stairs space – Next, in our list is so common and basic trick. If your RV or camper has stairs then there might be a teeny tiny possibility of space under the stairs. You can make the best use of that space by putting your shoes there.


  • Behind the RV door – Further, the next technique in our list is to take utmost use of the RV door. You Can Hang your shoes behind the RV doors. For hanging the shoes you can use hooks or install them behind doors.


  • Put on Top Edge – If by any chance your RV or camper has a wardrobe or cabinet then you can take the advantage of top space available. You can put your clothes or other items within the wardrobe and on the outside of the wardrobe, you can place your shoes on the top edge.


  • Ottomans or benches – There are a wide variety of ottomans or benches available in the market which serves a dual purpose. It can be used as a sitting chair and for storage as well. Just put your shoes within it and you’re all set. But our advice here is to place those shoes in them which you rarely wear.


  • Cargo Net – Another useful or quick trick is to use a cargo net. The cargo net can be useful in the rainy season as it allows dirt or water to get past within nets also it will provide enough air for shoes to get dry. All you need to do is to hang these nets near the doors.


  • Basket – The next on our list is a basket which is very cheap. All you have to do is buy a basket and keep all your shoes in a basket and put them under the bed or sofa. It is not only easy to access but also very budget-friendly.


  • Hidden Storage – Moreover, if you look closely you will find hidden storage in your camper. So, our suggestion here is to make the best use of that hidden storage by hiding your shoes there. It can be under your bed or an unused corner. All it requires a close inspection.


  • Ropes – Lastly, you can always use your clothing ropes to hang your shoes. The rope can serve multiple purposes. In the daytime, it can be used to hang washed clothes and in the night you can hang your shoes on it.



That’s it! Here we have provided you the best possible 11 smart ways to get your shoes organized in a camper. We know how daunting or messy can be the process of organizing things. Almost everybody struggles when it comes to organizing their favorite pairs of shoes. But the trick to save you from all the overwhelming process is organizing. And when it comes to organizing, always remember to pay attention to your needs. It is most likely that most of the suggestions won’t work with you, so keep your solution straight that works best for you.

Also, if you have any suggestions or queries, please write back to me.

Till then Happy Organizing!