4 strollers for camping and hiking to get inspired by

You want to get outside and experience things in the wild. Also, you want to spend quality time with your toddler. Or, maybe you like hiking for different reasons. When you have a stroller while hiking, it makes the transition with the little one a lot easier.

Keep in your mind that camping or hiking outdoors with a baby isn’t easy. You need to figure out a lot of things. A stroller for camping or hiking is the best tool that makes your task easier. However, finding a stroller isn’t easy as it looks to be. If you are planning to buy a stroller, you have to consider a few important things.


What makes a stroller for camping the best one?

Here are the important features that you want to look out for in a stroller:

  • A sun canopy
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Air-filled tires
  • Front-wheel lock, optional
  • 5-point harness
  • Storage compartment


What’s exactly is a stroller for camping?

The purpose of hiking or camping strollers is to transport your kids while you are traveling through rough terrains. These kinds of strollers move on grass, concrete, or gravel with ease. You can even pull it up or push it down on uneven surfaces. It is quite useful whether you use it outside a trail or inside a mall.

You can distinguish these strollers from regular ones with ease. They have oversized, air-filled tires. The tires create a smooth ride for your toddler regardless of the condition. These strollers have three or four wheels. The front-wheel helps to maneuver the stroller freely. As such, making turns on the corners is a breeze.


Are there benefits of using a stroller for camping?

Yes, there are lots of benefits of using a stroller for outdoor activities. A person who likes to hit trails now and then, won’t find peace at home. And, they won’t let the excitement halt because of the little one. An all-terrain stroller is a perfect solution for this kind of circumstance.

It requires almost little to no training while getting along with a stroller. The stroller carries your baby’s weight. The only thing you need to do is push the stroller. The benefits are more when your kid increases in weight and size.

Furthermore, apart from carrying your kid, the stroller can carry your hiking or camping gear as well. You know that every stroller has storage areas underneath your kid. Finally, if you are tired of pushing the all-terrain stroller, you can switch positions with your partner.


What are the differences between a regular stroller and a camping stroller?

Regular strollers are called Lightweight or Umbrella Strollers. Here is what differentiates a regular stroller from a camping stroller.

  • Ordinary plastic wheels
  • Absence of suspension system
  • Low weight capacity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Limited terrain abilities
  • Very little or no sun canopy
  • Low price point

A regular stroller is for someone without athletic intention to use them, such as camping or hiking. It serves best for short outdoor walks. You can take the stroller to a nearby park or across the street. It works great on trips to a shopping mall or airport terminal. Also, you can store them at ease.


How off-road can you take a camping stroller?

Only your imagination can limit the abilities of a camping or all-terrain stroller. These kinds of strollers can transit through all kinds of surfaces. Be it hard asphalt or a dirt trail on hills. Also, they can maneuver through rocks after you lock the front wheels.

The only limitation you can find with these strollers is the trail width. Often these strollers find it hard to move through single-track trails. In short, they don’t fit on narrow tracks.

Hence, you need to get hold of the appropriate trails suited best for your stroller. Before going out on the trail, look out for the reviews and photos of previous hikers. It gives you the perfect scene of whether your stroller fits well for the trail. Some tracks are tagged as ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘handicap accessible’.

So, keep a track of them. Your friendly trails consist of Nature Trails, Interpretive Trails, and Handicap Accessible Trails. Sometimes, a short trail for a new hiker is likely to be a stroller friendly. They don’t cover much distance. They stretch for about a mile or so. And, you can experience breathtaking views.


What to look for in a camping stroller?

If you are planning for a camping stroller, here are some important things you need to look out for.


Safety features

Make sure that the stroller has a parking brake, tether, and a 5-point harness. Keep in your mind that a parking brake locks the stroller in the right place. A tether protects the stroller to move on its own. And, the harness locks your toddler into a place.



A perfect tire for your stroller should be over-sized. Also, it must have a bigger thread and filled with air. Ensure they are removable without trouble. You never know when there might be a requirement for a tire change. It is wise to carry tire levers, hand pump, and spare tube along with you on the trail. So, when you are buying a camping stroller ensure you have these accessories.



There is nothing new that your child may fall asleep in the stroller while you are hiking. Now, you don’t want to stop walking. Or else, your kid might wake up. Keep in mind that a good camping stroller is easy to maneuver even with a single hand. That way, your hand becomes free. And, you can grab a snack or a water bottle.


Seat compatibility

A standalone camping stroller might impress you a lot. However, try to buy one that provides scope for traveling. It is good to look out for strollers that provide adapters. That way, it can work well with a car seat. The adapter lets you move your kid from the car to the camping stroller with ease. These kinds of adapters are perfect if you are having kids under 6 months of age.



An adjustable canopy can withstand weather and harmful ultraviolet rays. It protects your kid from them. If the canopy is bigger, it provides more protection to your kid. Some strollers come equipped with a viewing panel at the top so that you can keep an eye on your little one.



Padded handlebars tend to keep your hands dry. Also, it helps you from tiring hands. Adjustable handlebars provide different height levels for users of different heights. That way, it makes the control on the stroller smoother.


Front-wheel lock

Camping or hiking strollers move with ease because they aren’t limited to the fixed front wheel. If the speed increases or there is rough terrain, there is an option to lock the front wheels. It creates a safer ride for your kid.


Storage size

Most hiking strollers take up a lot of space. Hence, measure your truck and home space to make sure they fit properly when folded.


Weight limit

You know that kids grow quickly. And, investing in a camping stroller involves a lot of money. Therefore, try to maximize the lifespan of the stroller. You can do that by checking the highest capacity a stroller can take. Also, check out the weight of your child. Make a good selection so that your kid can utilize the stroller for some time.


Brand Honey Badger Wheel Baby Jogger Summit X3 The Hike Kid Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Honey Badger Wheel
Honey Badger Wheel. Photo by HoneyBadgerWheel.com

Baby Jogger Summit X3
Baby Jogger Summit X3. Photo by BabyJogger.se

The Hike Kid Stroller
The Hike Kid Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller. Photo by Amazon
Note Most unique design Best quality for the price Costume build for hiking with just two wheels Most popular on Amazon
Unique features Multi-purpose wheelbarrow design Patented wheel suspension Two-wheel design for hikers
Safety features One hand brake and harness for one kid.

No protection if tipped over. A child should wear a helmet during transport.

Back-wheel parking brake

5-point harness

4-point harness and wrist strap

Comes with and without brakes

5-point harness and steel frame
Tires Bike wheels with Schwalbe jackets Bike wheels with Schwalbe jackets and quick release Bike wheels with Schwalbe jackets Bike wheels with Schwalbe jackets
Handling Always need two hands Front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering. Can be locked into position Adjustable telescopic handles for adjusting pull or push angle Front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering. Can be locked into position
Seat compatibility Not adjustable 120 drg adjustable seat Reclining position hammock-type seat Reclining padded seat
Canopy No Adjustable with window Adjustable Adjustable
Handlebars Aluminum, fixed Ergonomic, fixed Adjustable telescopic handles Fixed
Front-wheel lock No Yes N/A Yes
Storage size Non with the seat.

200+ liters with bags, without the seat

The basket under the seat Straps only The basket under the seat
Carry weight limit pending 39.5 kg (87 lb) 25 kg (55 lb) 22.7 kg (50 lb)
Stroller weight pending 12.2 (26,9 lb) 6.5 kg (14.3 lb) 11.6 kg (25.5 lb)
. . . . .
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How do you make sure the camping stroller is safe?

When it is about hitting the rough roads, safety comes first. While hiking strollers meet basic safety measures these days, you have to look out for a few crucial things.


Look out if the stroller has a 5-point safety harness

umbrella strollers come equipped with a 3-point harness. However, strollers designed for hiking and camping purposes contains a 5-point safety harness. Examine the snap thoroughly to ensure that they are secure. Also, look out if they are easy to buckle and unbuckle.


Check the edges and hinges on the stroller

thick, sharp edges on any kind of baby product could be tricky. However, you need to be extra careful while choosing a stroller for camping. Little toes and fingers might get trapped in tight spaces and cause trouble. Also, sharp edges can cast a deep cut on your toddler’s soft skin. Therefore, double-check the stroller for vulnerable spots.


Baby comfortability

Baby comfortability – can your baby lie comfortably and relax? What about the seat recline? These are some important considerations you need to think about before handed. Remember that you are putting your kid into a stroller. So, make the place comfortable enough for your child.


Test the quality of the brakes

Test the quality of the brakes – don’t forget to examine the quality of the brakes. Test how easy they are to use. Do the brakes provide a secure stop? Are the brakes not smooth enough? Get a clear understanding of any kind of question relating to the brakes before making the purchase.



After you have got the perfect camping stroller, check out the trails to make sure it goes well with your stroller. In short, getting outdoors with a baby isn’t easy. Keep a close eye on the stroller while you enjoy the woods.